With the latest state of the art software and equipment, we can handle any project, ​no matter how big or small.

  • Beacon relocation – if you need your property beacons to be located or relocated to have a clear knowledge of the boundaries of your property, WK Land Surveyors can assist you.
  • Subdivisions – maybe you need to divide your property into smaller pieces. Only a registered professional land surveyor can do this.
  • Consolidations – you might want to combine adjacent properties to form one big land. This is also the job of a registered professional land surveyor.
  • Sectional title plans – The sheet of the plan showing the positioning of buildings in relation to the land is the block plan. This has to be prepared by a professional land surveyor.
  • Servitude diagrams – these diagrams are for registering servitude over an existing property for purposes such as right-of-ways, water pipelines, overhead electric power lines as well as substations.
  • Contour plans – unless you plan to build on an entirely flat parcel, you need to have a site plan with contours. This shows variations of elevation throughout your property which will of course have impact on the cost of the job, the timeline as well as quality of the building. In short, you need the help of a land surveyor.
  • Engineering surveys – this type of survey is in fact required in planning and execution of nearly every form of construction and is associated with engineering design (topographic, layout and also as built).